1. PARTIES ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT PERMITTED. Kegs are strictly prohibited. Violations to this policy can cause eviction and loss of all rent and security deposit. Our experience has been that when students have parties, many costly damages–such as beer-soaked carpets; burn marks on floors and furniture; broken windows, walls, doors; etc., can occur. At all times you are responsible for any guest’s behavior and any damages caused by them.
  2. BURNING CANDLES, USING CANDLE WARMERS,HANGING CHRISTMAS LIGHTS AND SMOKING ON THE PREMISES (HOUSE/ APT/ ROOM) IS PROHIBITED*. Fires have occurred when candles have been left burning. Another major problem is that the walls and ceilings become covered with a film of soot that is very hard to remove. It is not always noticeable until your posters or Christmas lights are removed from the walls. This results in expensive cleaning and repainting fees.
    *NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED INSIDE OF THE UNITS OR BUILDINGS AT ANYTIME. Any burns in carpets, flooring, or furniture will result in tenant(s) being charged for the full replacement value of said item.
  3. UNLOCKING DOORS: Last year, we had an excessive problem with students locking themselves out of their rooms or apartments at all hours of the day and night. This caused great inconvenience and time lost for us. This year, if you call us to unlock your door, there is a $25.00 charge per occurrence weekdays between 8:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m. and a $50.00 charge per occurrence weeknights after 4:30p.m. and on weekends. (To prevent this, you can make an extra copy of your key and keep in a place known only to you.)
  4. PARKING: Parking areas are for TENANTS ONLY. You must have a parking permit in order to park on the premises. (The first permit you receive is free. After that there is a $20.00 charge to replace/change a permit). Please be considerate of others and park using a minimum amount of space. Do not block the driveway or park on the lawn.
    Guests and visitors need to park on the street so as not to occupy spaces needed by tenants. Tenants who continually allow their guests to park in the lot will lose their parking permit and will be forced to park elsewhere.
  5. DAMAGE TO VEHICLES: We are not responsible for any damage to vehicles while parked on our property. During winter months, be aware not to park below icicles hanging from roofs and risk falling ice damage.
  6. PERSONAL PROPERTY: LANDLORD is not responsible for damage or vandalism to TENANT(S) personal property.
  7. LEAD CORDS and PLUG-IN ROOM DEODORIZERS (a fire hazard) are NOT PERMITTED. Please use a power strip with a circuit breaker for your computer and other electronics. TAPING DOWN ELECTRICAL CORDS ON THE CARPET IS NOT PERMITTED.It ruins the carpet and is a hazard.IF YOU ARE USING A HALOGEN FLOOR LAMP, you must have one with a “wire cage” over the halogen bulb.This protects you from fire if something accidentally touches the bulb and ignites. Be sure to keep curtains or any other material a safe distance away so there is no chance of contact with the bulb.
  8. CLEANING: Your house/ apartment has been cleaned prior to your arrival. It must be kept clean and be in a similar condition when you leave. You are required to have a good, working vacuum and clean the carpets on a consistent basis. Showers/ tubs need to be cleaned regularly. Use Scrub Free, The Works, Scrubbing Bubbles, or a similar product. DO NOT use COMET OR ANY TYPE OF ABRASIVE CLEANER on tubs or showers. It permanently damages the finish. Remove any hair to prevent clogging sink or shower drains. DO NOT POUR GREASE DOWN DRAINS OR TOILETS.Pour cooking oil into a bottle or jar with a tight lid and dispose of in the trash.
  9. PORCH ROOFS are NOT TO BE WALKED ON OR USED FOR SUNBATHING or any other purpose. Severe damage can occur to the roofing material, which causes leaks and results in substantial costs to you.
  10. GARBAGE: All trash must be securely contained in trash bags (no open bags) and kept in the garbage can that is provided for you. It will be picked up every Monday by our private trash service.
    There is a city ordinance against keeping garbage cans or bags on the front porch. They must be kept at the rear of the building where they will be picked up weekly. Garbage allowed to accumulate will be removed by us, and you will be billed. Skunks, dogs, cats, and rodents are attracted to open or improperly closed garbage cans or bags and will become a major nuisance to you. Yards must also be kept free of trash.
  11. HANGING PICTURES: Please use ONLY very small tacks, straight pins, or small finish nails (for heavier pictures). ABSOLUTELY NO STICKY FOAM TAPE or STICK-ON HOOKS, etc. (They tear off the wall backing when removed and you will be required to pay for repair.)Do NOT use FUN TACK, TAPE of any kind, SCREWS or LARGE NAILS.Please do NOT put any ADHESIVE BACKED STARS or decorations on the walls or the ceiling as these items damage surfaces when removed. Hanging anything from the ceiling is not permitted.
  13. SHOWER AND WATER LEAKAGE: Please keep ceiling fan ON when showering to prevent mildew or mold. During winter months, turn fans off after 5-10 minutes to prevent heat loss in your apt.Also, when showering, make sure water is not leaking onto the floor. (If necessary, put a sponge at each end of the tub to prevent leakage.) The shower curtain or liner needs to be long enough to fit inside the tub or shower. (Floors easily become rotted by water leaking under the linoleum, and it is very costly to replace.)Please call us immediately If there are any dripping faucets, any leaking water, or if the toilet continually runs, so that we can correct it before major problems occur.
  14. PLUGGED TOILETS AND SEWER LINES: To prevent this problem, DO NOT PUT sanitary napkins, tampons, tampon packaging, tissues, baby wipes, paper towels, etc., into the toilet.They are not made to break apart in sewer lines and lead to backed up toilets or sewers. A plunger is provided in each apt. to remove clogs which prevent the toilet from overflowing.If you don’t know how to use one, please ask and we will show you.
  15. DISHWASHERS: Please DO NOT put dish soap into the dishwashers. This will create a huge mess and cause the dishwasher to stop working. Please use dishwasher detergent only. Stores no longer sell dishwasher detergent containing phosphates, so dishes tend to come out with a white film on them. We recommend using Finish brand dishwasher tablets. They can be found at Wal-Mart or grocery stores and seem to work well.
  16. COUNTER TOPS: Please always use cutting boards and DO NOT cut directly on the counter top. This will leave visible cuts in the counter top and result in costly repairs.
  17. WATER BEDS: Due to floor loadings and potential damage, water beds are NOT ALLOWED.
  18. OVERNIGHT GUESTS: An overnight guest is permitted, but extended stays by guests are not. The house/apt. is rented only to the people listed on the lease. If special circumstances come up, approval is needed by us.
  19. PETS (including visiting pets):No animals of any kind are allowed on the premises at any time. This includes animals that are brought into the building by NON-TENANT(S). Failure to comply will result in a loss of full security deposit and eviction.
  20. MATTRESS COVERS: A non-permeable (waterproof) mattress cover is required on all beds. Noncompliance can result in stained mattresses and a $240 mattress replacement fee will be assessed. Non-permeable mattress covers can be purchased at Wal-Mart or K-mart for approximately $20.00.
  21. GRILLING: It is against the Cortland City’s fire code to use or store a grill on the porch. Grills must be used and stored away from the house at all times.
  22. MINI REFRIDGERATORS and AIR CONDITIONING UNITS: If you wish to use a mini-fridge or air conditioner, there is a fee of $50/semester/appliance
  23. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Each apartment has a fire extinguisher. (In most apartments they are located under the kitchen sink.) If you need to use this at any time, please notify us immediately so we can recharge it for you.24. IN CASE OF MEDICAL, FIRE, OR POLICE EMERGENCY: Call 911.

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